Nurse Bader gives SCOPE students hygiene presentation

SCOPE's Nurse Bader
Posted on 03/08/2018
Nurse Bader

She also talked about hygiene myths and where the most germs hide in a school building.  She then did a bread experiment where the kids all touched a piece of bread with their “dirty” hands then placed the bread in a baggie.  She then had them all wash their hands and touch a new slice of bread and put that one in a baggie.  The students also wanted to rub the bread on other items in the room, like the door knob, desks, computers and cell phones.  Each of those slices of bread were put in baggies and labeled with what they came in contact with.  Over the next few weeks the students will watch what “germs” grow on the bread and which surfaces had the most germs living on them.  Click here to see photos of presentation



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